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Implement the National Integrated Palliative Care Policy

to the Health Care Networks (RPS) and as a component

of health care in Primary Health Care (PHC)

through the Family Health Strategy (ESF),

with guaranteed financing.

Guaranteeing rights and defending SUS, life and democracy – tomorrow will be another day!

By understanding that offering quality palliative care should be everyone's right, Instituto Premier, along with other people and organizations, participate in this action that aims to mobilize civil society, health professionals and other areas, students, sympathizers, managers, users, institutions and citizens for the defense and guarantee of a public policy of Palliative Care in Brazil.

How it works?

Through social participation. A powerful group of PaliATIVISTAS from all over Brazil was and is being created, with the aim of stimulating and promoting active, synchronized and organized participation in Health Conferences in Municipalities and States. The objective is to take the agenda to the 17th National Health Conference, which will be held in Brasília, from July 2nd to 5th, 2023, whose motto is "Guaranteeing rights and defending the SUS, life and democracy - tomorrow will be another day".

Be part of it!

We mobilize in a horizontal and participatory way, without hierarchies or institutional support, so if you want to join this movement, join the whatsapp group in your state and/or city. If you cannot find the path, write to

PaliActivists Regional Groups

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